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Old Time Reverie

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Father's House Carolina Calling Tried Too Hard


The renegade traditionalists of Mipso are doing their part to take three-part harmony and Appalachian influences into new territory. Formed in Chapel Hill in 2010, these four North Carolinians are touring the country to support their 2013 release, “Dark Holler Pop”.

Jacob Sharp

From Morganton, NC, Jacob got his first mandolin after winning a fishing bet with his dad.

Wood Robinson

Wood is from Greensboro, North Carolina. A student of jazz, his favorite album is Bill Evans’ “Sunday At the Village Vanguard”.

Joseph Terrell

Joseph is from High Point, North Carolina, where his grandmother taught him his first song on guitar, Doc Watson’s “Tom Dooley”.

Libby Rodenbough

Though she grew up playing classical violin, Libby took a year off during college to study folk music in Chicago and fiddle in Ireland. Libby is from Greensboro, NC.

Cat’s Cradle Weekend 9.9.15

Cat’s Cradle Weekend

Now it feels like the new album is real. With two shows at the Cradle — a seated show on the 4th and standing on the 5th — we got to bring the new songs to life for a hometown crowd. That we loved every adrenaline-filled minute of two sold out shows sort of goes without saying. It’s the other feeling that’s harder to explain: a sense of graduation, of being cheered into a new phase by the folks who’ve loved you and supported you the longest. We’ve marked transitions in our band life with Cradle shows for four years now, since long before we were a touring band, long before anyone outside of our friends-of-friends network had heard those first college songs. Stop me before I get sappy here. The point is we really, really feel grateful. For the Cradle, for our Chapel Hill crowds, for the chance to make music in a place we love. Sorry, sappy again. But, damn, it was a fun weekend.

Another thanks to Kristin Andreassen, who clogged her way into everyone’s hearts on Friday and sold out of merchandise, and The King of Carrboro himself, Josh Moore, who helped make Saturday the best hometown party we could’ve had.

Cradle Crowd

Father’s House Video 8.24.15

Father’s House Video

Dim the lights, pop the corn. Welcome to the premiere of the first video from “Old Time Reverie,” featured today on Bluegrass Today. Filmed by Caleb Childers at Overdub Lane studio in Durham, NC, with live audio mixed by John Plymale. Here’s “Father’s House.” Hope you enjoy.

New Album “Old Time Reverie” 8.8.15

New Album “Old Time Reverie”

Hey folks, we have some big news. Our new album, “Old Time Reverie” is ready to see the light of day. After six months of recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and putting it all together in a fancy package (check it out below), it’s finally out of our hands and into yours.

Old Time Reverie

Besides containing 11 new songs that we’re excited about, “Old Time Reverie” is a reflection of how we’ve changed over the past couple of years. For one, Libby’s fiddle and voice are included more prominently than ever before, since we’ve finally got her with us full time. You might also hear a little more of the rhythms and melodies of old time fiddle music woven into the mix — no offense to our native bluegrass twang. Most obviously, we’re a couple years older since we last made a full-length album, “Dark Holler Pop,” in 2013.

And we’ve been busy. We’ve played over 300 concerts in 40 states, crashing on couches and making friends in all 40. We bought a beautiful “pre-loved” Honda Odyssey as our home-on-the-road. We’ve learned a lot of songs and found that hours on stage, over months and years, can be the best teacher. Truth be told, we feel like a whole new band. Some of this figures into the new record, of course: a lot of missing home, some hints of feeling older, maybe a little more darkness around the edges here and there.

But you’ll still recognize us. And we really, really hope you enjoy our “Old Time Reverie.” Put it in your car on the way to work, play it at your pool party, play it on headphones in the library stacks. We want it to be in the air! And we want to see you when we load up the Honda and head to your town. Come say hey. We might have a question about your couch…

Joseph, Jacob, Wood, and Libby

Colorado First Timers 7.21.15

Colorado First Timers

Here’s Joe on the Continental Divide celebrating our first time driving over the Rockies. They’re no Blue Ridge, but they ain’t bad…

Great Divide

Playing shows this week in Denver, Gunnison, Ridgeway, Beaver Creek, and Lyons. Come out and say hey!

Folk Yeah Ocrafolk 6.8.15

Folk Yeah Ocrafolk

If you don’t know about Ocrafolk, consider yourself enlightened about one of the coolest festivals in the state. We hopped a ferry at Swan Quarter for the 30 mile trip off the coast. We played under live Oaks and sat on the sound. We hung out on Springer’s Point, where Blackbeard used to anchor his boat. This is our second year going and we’ll be back if they’ll have us. Y’all should get over there, too.

Ocrafolk Sky

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