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Dark Holler Pop

On The Road




Tried Too Hard Carolina Calling A Couple Acres Greener


The renegade traditionalists of Mipso are doing their part to take three-part harmony and Appalachian influences into new territory. Formed in Chapel Hill in 2010, these four North Carolinians are touring the country to support their 2013 release, “Dark Holler Pop”.

Jacob Sharp

From Morganton, NC, Jacob got his first mandolin after winning a fishing bet with his dad.

Wood Robinson

Wood is from Greensboro, North Carolina. A student of jazz, his favorite album is Bill Evans’ “Sunday At the Village Vanguard”.

Joseph Terrell

Joseph is from High Point, North Carolina, where his grandmother taught him his first song on guitar, Doc Watson’s “Tom Dooley”.

Libby Rodenbough

Though she grew up playing classical violin, Libby took a year off during college to study folk music in Chicago and fiddle in Ireland. Libby is from Greensboro, NC.

“Faces” Single Online Now 4.15.15

“Faces” Single Online Now

We’ve been working on some songs and keeping them under wraps…now’s the time for the big Spring reveal. This week we’re releasing “Faces,” an A side/B side single featuring two brand new songs. Find the new tracks HERE.


“Down In The Water,” Libby’s first song we’ve recorded, was produced by Brad Cook of the great North Carolina band Megafaun. We branched out with the instrumentation, incorporating some drums and electric guitars. We recorded “Love Again” with great Chapel Hill engineer Jeff Crawford, and had some fun turning up the doo-wop vibes. We’re having a surprise release party for these tracks tonight at The Cat’s Cradle Back Room in Chapel Hill and tomorrow at King’s in Raleigh. Come out and hear some new tunes!

April Tour Poster…Turtle Time 4.8.15

April Tour Poster…Turtle Time

In our travels of the Southeast, deep and wide, we’ve been lucky to meet a host of amazing artists, designers, bands, and otherwise great folks. It’s always a special occasion to get to collaborate with one of them. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, introducing The Half And Half, an awesome design and screenprinting shop in Columbia, SC. Check out the April tour poster below. We tend to prefer the upper Carolina, but we’re willing to make certain exceptions… Send us an email if you aren’t going to see us live in April but want to reserve a print!

Turtle poster

A “Mild” Midwest Winter 3.2.15

A “Mild” Midwest Winter

They keep telling us it’s a “mild” winter—for the Midwest. But we are, as you may know, four North Carolinians living out of suitcases. “Mild” is not the four-letter word we’ve been using. Though we’ve done our share of shivering and cursing and wondering—genuinely and out loud, more than once—how well-meaning, smart human beings can live this way on purpose, we’ve also gained some respect for the Good People Of The Midwest. And gained some perspective. We shared a formative realization last week in Iowa City. Walking to the van from our night’s accommodations, one of us remarked, “It doesn’t feel too bad.” We murmured in agreement. After a pause we realized it was EIGHTEEN DEGREES. Yep, good old fashioned Fahrenheit. Added to the list of life lessons: Once you’ve experienced negative eighteen in Ames, positive eighteen in Iowa City really ain’t so bad.

Wood and Chicago

Kitties N’ Bits 2.19.15

Kitties N’ Bits

No one has ever told us, at least not explicitly, that our music made them want to put their family pet in the blender. But we’ve always wondered. This is a fan-created poster for our Tulsa, Oklahoma debut. Too good not to share.

Mipso Kitties

New “Pirate” Tour Poster 2.10.15

New “Pirate” Tour Poster

With a big new tour comes a big new tour poster. Courtesy Jared Lambert of Raleigh, NC. Check it out. Shoot us an email if you’d like to reserve one.

Pirate Poster

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